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Inspired by nature, our ancestors, the sacred British landscape and its folklore & mythology.

I have been fascinated by the nature, mythology, folklore and spirituality of the British Isles all my life. My work is inspired by nature, the art passed down by our ancient ancestors and those who have settled in Britain. In particular I am drawn to the inscriptions found on British Iron and Bronze Age metalwork, the art of the Celts the Picts and Vikings and the rock art of our prehistoric ancestors.

I am lucky enough to have lived in Kent, Wiltshire and Dorset surrounded by some of the most important and sacred ancient monuments in Britain.


To see my full selection of jewellery and to purchase items safely and securely please use the link below to enter my Etsy Shop.


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I first began combining art and metalwork over 30 years ago when I gained an A Level in art sculpture.

I now create fine silver pieces suitable to be worn by both Men and Women using PMC (Precious Metal Clay) a medium in which fine silver particles are suspended in an organic binder. It can be worked much like any other clay. Once a piece is complete and has been left to dry I fire it by hand at a very high heat. When the piece begins to glow orange the binder burns away and the silver particles fuse to each other. The final product is a piece of fine silver, or 99.9% silver. (PMC also contains a high percentage of reclaimed and recycled silver!)


All of my fine silver pieces weigh under 7.78 grams and so do not require hallmarking.

Each piece is then cleaned and tumbled before being burnished by hand to highlight individual detail. Finally it is polished to give a high quality finish. My jewellery is unique, no two pieces will ever be the same. Rock Troll fine silver is hand crafted by me in my studio in the wilds of Dorset.

Every pendant comes with a choice of a 925 sterling silver plated or black waxed cotton necklace packaged in a gift box with a Rock Troll about/care leaflet included. I try to used recycled packaging for posting items as much as possible.

If you have any questions about my jewellery please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Looking after your Rock Troll Silver



Fine silver is 99.9% pure silver, compared to sterling silver which is 92.5% silver (combined with metal alloys such as copper) Fine silver tarnishes a lot slower than sterling silver and as a result needs to be cleaned less regularly.


I find that a silver cloth works perfectly well to restore the shine, If your piece does ever become excessively tarnished you can use a silver dip for about 10 seconds (or as per manufacturers instructions).





"A lovely item, carefully presented and wrapped, with swift delivery too - what's not to love?"

Andy - Etsy - Spear Head Pendant




"There was a gasp and then silence when the box was opened. "It's beautiful". I've not felt so pleased to have given a gift in years. Fantastic craftsmanship of a gorgeous design. And beyond that, the care and attention in the packaging and communication was way above and beyond. I am so pleased and satisfied to have bought from Rock Troll Crafts."

Chris - Etsy - Small Oval Pendant


Contact Rock Troll Silver


You can Email me at:

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